Looking For a Fellow Writer (or Two)

You like to write?

You want to try writing in a group?

I’m planning on writing a paranormal Short Story for Halloween but I’d like to try something different and write it with one or even two other writers. 

If such a collaboration might interest you, just email me at audreywritesabroad@gmail.com and we can form a writing group and start brainstorming! Continue reading “Looking For a Fellow Writer (or Two)”

Holidays Book Tag

Hello, everyone! I felt like creating a book tag, so here it is.


1. Make a post of your own in which you name a book that you would want to read for each of the holidays below. (Feel free to change the holidays if you celebrate different ones!)
2. Tag at least 5 bloggers to do it at their turn.
3. Link back to audreywritesabroad so she can see your post!
4. Have fun!

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Visoko, Bosnia + My Halloween Abroad

In the Bosnian Pyramids

Day 90. About an hour from Sarajevo is a town named Visoko, known for its mystical pyramids and tunnels. With a girl from my hostel (hi Bryony!) we packed our bag for the day and decided to check it out. It’s a really small town, yet it wasn’t exactly clear how to get to Ravne Labyrinth (tunnels) or the pyramids. One thing was sure, every time we asked around, people made a point of reminding us how amazing it would be to feel all the energy.

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