5 Places I Want to See Again

There are many places on my bucket list (the whole world) and I try to focus on new places to visit as much as I can, but today I want to take a pause and think about a few of my favorite places in the world. Places I would go back to without a second thought, given the chance. Here they are:

5. CroatiaDSCF5652

It might look small on a map, but there’s tons of things to do in Croatia, and I only got to visit a few cities when I went. I did visit the Plitvice Lakes twice, and I would totally visit them again. Continue reading “5 Places I Want to See Again”

Zakopane, Poland

Day 25

Me: Come on. I thought we’d been through this.
God: Oohh, let me sabotage your trip a little more.
Me: What? No. No. Enough.
God: But I’m having a blast! Come on, man, one last fail. One.
Me (sighing): One, and then you stop.
God: One, and then we’ll see.
Me (chiding): God.
God: Okay. I’ll stop.
Me: Thank you.
God: Tsk. Party pooper.

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Auschwitz and Kraków, Poland

Wawel CastleDay 24.  Fun fact: In the tower of Kraków, a trumpeter opens a window every hour to play a tune to the city. Okay, it’s probably more than one trumpeter, but I like to think it’s just this one guy, utterly dedicated to his passion. Some of us have a cuckoo clock; Kraków has a trumpeter in a tower. How Disneyish. Continue reading “Auschwitz and Kraków, Poland”

Wieliczka Salt Mines – Kraków, Poland


Day 22. People, leave me the f**k alone, was what I kept thinking when I was in Kraków. I just needed a break from the hyper-social vibes of hostels, which is squarely impossible to avoid when you sleep in a hostel. Yes, you always have the choice to ignore people, but that would automatically make you three things:

    1. Awkward.
    2. The Grinch.
    3. A target to get your food stolen in the fridge.

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