Montréal, Québec


Problem: Last week, I went to Montréal with a list of things to do, and I came back with an even bigger list of things to do the next time I go.

This seems to happen everytime I travel somewhere, but in Montréal, there really is a lot to do. Anyway, here’s what I did in only a few days.

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My Travel Plans for Summer 2017

Travel Plans

I try to make as many trips as I can through a year, but sadly, it’s hard to save up enough money to achieve ALL of my dreams (I have quite a few). That’s why last year wasn’t that wild in the travel department. This year isn’t going to be a whole year around the globe either, but at least a summer through Canada.

And Canada is a big country, to say the least.

Here’s where I plan to go.

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My Travels of 2016


You’ll have noticed, 2016 wasn’t a big travel year for me. I worked and studied a lot, and I sure crave and plan for 2017 to be ALL about travelling, but that’s not what this post is about. This is about the few trips I found the time to make last year, usually not too far from home, but nothing short of amazing. Continue reading “My Travels of 2016”

My Travel Plans

Travel Plans
It’s been a while since I travelled—I mostly post about past trips and books lately—but it doesn’t mean I’ve stopped dreaming about potential travel adventures. That’s pretty much all I dream about, really. Travelling.

(Through space, and also time, FYI.)

So I thought I’d share my travel plans for the rest of the year, and see if some of you have any recommendations about those destinations. When to go, where to stay, what to do? Let me know if you’ve been and how you liked it!

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Quebec City – Tourist in my hometown

DSCF6766 (2)So after a few weeks back in the routine of my life at home, with school and work and a shitload of writing, I became kind of crazy. (Read downright demented.) I just needed to feel like I was abroad again, and I know that won’t be possible until the end of my Uni semester. Therefore, I decided to make a few daytrips here and there in my own country. Well, since my country is Canada and you can’t just do a trip in another province in one single day, I had to cut down my limits to my own province. Quebec. Continue reading “Quebec City – Tourist in my hometown”