Random Updates Because I Haven’t Posted in … Months?

HELLO beautiful people. I have been extremely busy on top of trying to stay sane during this 10 283rd lockdown here in Québec, so I’m totally guilty of neglecting this blog. But I am here today with life updates, and hopefully things will settle down a bit and I’ll get to be a little more active here.

Anyway. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

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Day 5 // The Hook

Yesterday, we discussed the importance of the first sentence, but I believe the hook is even more important than that first line. A book becomes a page-turner when a writer has the ability to hook us and to keep us hooked.

Today, I’m going to talk about that hook. For this post, I’ve selected an article from the Writer’s Digest that I absolutely adore: 10 Ways to Hook your Reader (and Reel them in for Good).

I went through those ten ways, (which are more like steps, really) and tried to see how Suzanne Collins, consciously or not, used those steps in The Hunger Games (a book that hooked me from page one to the very last).

Here goes.

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