Barcelona – My Old Self

Day 107.
I don’t remember much about what I did in Barcelona, not even the travel fails. I remember a sun rather bright for the end of November.
I remember Park Güell.
I remember eating the best veggie burger ever, but I don’t remember where.
I remember a lot of pickpockets.
And the realization that my backpack didn’t seem heavy at all compared to Day 1, four months before.
But through these snippets of memories, I know I didn’t notice as much as I usually do, because I was too conscious of these travel days being my last. Continue reading “Barcelona – My Old Self”

Top 5 Granada, Spain

Day 103. Confession time: I actually only had time to do 5 activities in Granada, so my Top 5 is definitely biased. Still, that was enough to make me adore the city, but feel free to share your own suggestions in the comments if you’ve tried different things.

5. A walk on la Carrera del Darro
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Toledo, Spain

Day 95.
When we arrived in Toledo, I got hit by a car. I’d been warned Spanish drove a little crazily, so when I saw the red car zooming through the narrow cobblestone street, I shrank on the wall of a house, shutting my eyes, hoping my backpack wouldn’t be dragged along. It’s my left arm that took the blow. I had an ugly bruise on my elbow for the rest of the week, and a fear of red cars for the rest of the trip. Continue reading “Toledo, Spain”