5 Reflections + Quotes on Stress

Biking along St-Lawrence River, Quebec

5 of my Reflections

The trick to stop worrying about what others might think of you is to realize they’re too busy worrying about what others think of them to think of you.


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5 Reflections + Quotes on Travel

The Bosnian Pyramids


5 of my Reflections

When I don’t like the girl that I am, I catch a plane and leave her behind. Not once have I come back from a trip the same as when I left.



Travelling is discovering new things, but also reminiscing about old dreams, and realizing they still matter.


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What a Year Without a Cell Phone Taught Me


I survived!

A year ago, right before I left for a four-month trip in Europe, I cancelled my cell phone contract and haven’t bought a new one once back home. At first because I was totally broke, and then, I kind of forgot. It’s been a year and six days now, and I can count on one hand the moments I felt the need to own a cell phone.

A year without a cell phone taught me a lot:

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